Wednesday, May 10, 2006

She is back

She is finally back... after her stunt for a year and a half. I'm not using the word "stunt" in its true meaning .. but her stay & work did attract a lot of attention (though unwanted!). She went there for good... with lots of hope to shape her career. By no way, this means that her career lost its track but it could have been in a fast moving mode (I feel so).

So it came up around two years back. I remember how happy she was to get through into this ocean of practical knowledge and work after years of formal education. What had added to she happiness was that her best buddies were with her to jump along! She was so delighted with the thought of earning her own bread (quite literally), taking the responsibility of her life & decisions, chilling out & enjoying life without much parental eye around with her friends. What sweetened this was her graduation result that placed her third in the university in her branch. Her buddies were in the toppers list too.

Then began her preparations of moving ahead. There were new clothes (formals needed for office!), cell phone(to stay in touch), other office accessories, kitchen & cook ware bought for her new venture. The buddies had loads of discussions and chats about making the arrangements. And came the day when she left home with tearful eyes to step into this big world.

Settling in that new town wasn't as easy as she thought. Numerous differences cropped between the friends (I took those as teething problems but she denies that till date.). The town was much smaller than hers, people, culture .. many things & aspects were different. Her home-sickness used to be reduced with her / her buddies parents' frequent visits.

Office was a different culture altogether.. something that she had never imagined. Working with people who were much more experienced but much less educated (formally) was a tough task. Not being appreciated for even the big (!!) achievements used to put her down (I say she's a pampered kid).

Days were passing with some satisfaction and some dissatisfaction, latter growing with each passing day! The work that she was doing was not what interested her & something that interested her was not coming her way. This was the same situation for her roomies (see the change... buddies to roomies) too (though not exactly). And finally, one of them decided to move ahead to another location. In the course of time the other one left too. And came the time for her to think of getting back home.

This was the thing that she took the most time to decide on. With all the pros & cons laid before her, she looked so confused and incapable to handle it (At times I felt like taking a decision and imposing it on her !!). After huge amount of bucks flowing away in the phone calls, all I was receiving was her frustrated voice and words.

Finally one day, things began to get on the roll... and she was firm on getting back home but... there was still a lot in store for her. Her workplace wasnt keen on letting her go and everyday arose with a new hurdle to clear. And to my surprise, she was determined to face it all and she did ! (though one more flood had already hit me with the phone bill !!).

At this moment, she is all at home relaxing with her parents and preparing for her future endeavour. I am sure these moments will give her immense strength to go far ahead and reach the heights she is aiming at.

Wish you all the luck! Be rest assured to see me with you much before the need for me to be around arises !

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The psycho effect

It was an unusual night yesterday... waking up every hr or so to see what time it is? Why? I had missed my aerobics class yesterday as I slept even after the alarm screamed aloud! I was determined not to miss out on it today for any reason. So these wake ups. My determination was strong enough to make me work out rigorously today but it failed in the later part of the day to resist closing my eyes at work!!

This was at 10am.. a very odd time for anyone to close the eyes and indulge in (supposedly) deep thoughts. It was then that I decided to take a break... Not just any break ... but a coffee break! Why coffee? Nothing special.. I'm a tea-fan so thought of having a change.

Ah! What a surprise!! the sweet sleep in my eyes started to disappear with the very thought of coffee! Amazing!! I was wondering if I will skip my sleeps for another couple of days if I have this drink!! Let me check that... but the day is definite to go fine and awake ;-)

Monday, May 08, 2006

Out Pune - In Bangalore

It has been long that I wrote anything. My friend asked to read his blogs and write. It is today that my thoughts are clear enough to flow out easily and the afternoon is lazy to refrain me from preparing for the upcoming workshop.

Days have changed since I've come to this city. There came one day in my life which changed my status bringing loads of responsibilities and work (though it was not unplanned or sudden but the whole lot of preparation seemed to be in vain when this actually happened!).

This day also put me on move and changed my "location" to Bangalore. The fun in all this is that Bangalore is going no near to being our permanent residence ! It is just a place to touchbase with my hubby ! Asking me why?? Well... That's because this "one day" changed my work profile putting me literally on my toes. I move around the world (currently restricting my world to India !! ) wandering with my backpack. The most unfortunate thing here is I and my hubby have missed the timings ! He got into this relationship to keep his bags down and sit back .... not knowing that I would be so quick to pick those and get going !! I say we missed the timings as we weren't into a relationship to walk around the globe together.

So we now catch up with each other at Bangalore for a few cups of tea and a couple of dinners. Our dining table has witnessed our arguments over shifting this base to Pune and is waiting for a decision !!

Dont know how soon this decision will come or will it ever come. But our discussions and arguments will continue ... at least till we find something else to argue on !

Let me prepare myself for my next date with these arguments... I say Bangalore is similar to Pune in many ways and we neednt worry about moving out of this "City of Gardens". (This by no way means I would not like to be back in Pune but being the "Home Minister" I need to be practical.. hence this effort to get my husband agree to my point !) So here I go...

Both these cities are known for pleasant weathers. It is neither too hot nor too cold. It does not rain heavily at either places. (Please ignore last year's heavy rains ... this happens once in a while .. not always!!)

Infrastructurally, both are racing ahead. The state of roads is same in both cities. Pune doesnt have roads.. Bangalore has good main roads but equally pathetic connecting roads. The traffic is over-sized and mannerless in driving in both the cities. Property rates are at the same level now. Airports are smaller than needed and still take much heavier loads in both the cities. Commuting is a common thread again. Both municipal corporations race for the "Silicon Valley of India" title !

Kannadigas are as helpful as Punekars and same is observed with Bangaloreans and Puneites. Friends are closer in both Pune & Bangalore and in equal loads!

Huh... hope this suffices for dinner tonight... many more can be thought till the next meeting !!